Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Drive #atozchallenge

Open sky above, open road ahead.

Drive drive drive with me...
There is no one out there to speak of, just open road.  It’s a cloudy day, late morning.  My ears still ring from the shrill sound of the city shrinking behind us.  Trains, trucks, people, sirens, traffic, horns and brakes make my head ache and my nerves fray.  Now all I hear is the wind whistling over the fenders and the windshield.  I can see trees on either side now, not buildings and throngs of hurried people racing along the crowded sidewalks.  The air is clean and crisp and full of life not thick and heavy and full of that vast congested mass of many, many people filling every available space.

The road heads west, always west.  I don’t know if that’s because I think that’s where our dreams reside or because it offers the longest stretch of open road. I don’t know but the topless roadster tools along without complaint.  Though I can hear everyone of the straining horses, I can ignore them for the sound of the wind as it whistles past.

You ask if I want to look around for a while so you grab the wheel and slide over as I sit up to let you pass.  You smell like summer and the very essence of life.  I settle into the old seat and rest my head on my arm looking out to the world rushing past.  I see fields of tall grass, cows, horses, sheep, old barns and far away mountains.  The vibration of the engine and the road make for that perfect meditative drift into that space where real and imagined blur.  Maybe everything is alright now and maybe I’m still stuck in a train stuck in a sooty tunnel on a rainy day.  I don’t really care at this moment. 

Drive drive drive with me. Our love will set us free...
You look good behind the wheel with your hair flying all around your face.  I’ll tell you when we get “there” that I built this car for you.  I knew it would grow on you.  The next build is mine, though.  You ask me if I’m hungry.  Yeah, sure. Somewhere we’ll stop for a bite and we’ll talk to the locals and listen to their stories before hitting the road again to continue our own.   Come on, let's hit the road.

Drive drive drive with me.  The road will set us free...

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  1. That's a wonderful, very evocative piece. You write beautifully.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and saying. I'm off to read your work now, fellow challenger!