Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7th The first sighting of the pepperoni pizza sea monster.

Adventure ahoy!

Then there was the time Ollie took to the sea as R'Ollando the pirate in his usual search for adventure and treasure.  It was a calm cloudy day, a day wide open and full of nothing in particular.  A perfect day for the Jolly Ollie to be at sea.  

The Pirate R'Ollando sat up in the crow's nest scanning the horizon for an island or a ship to pillage.  Through his brass scope he saw nothing but calm seas and the occasional hungry seagull.  He hoped the seagulls didn't buzz the crow's nest as it was a long way down to the deck.  

It had been a boring adventure so far.  There was nothing to pillage and no treasure to find.  R'Ollando's tummy rumbled as lunchtime approached.  He was about to climb down the mast when something in the distance caught his eye.  He looked through the scope off to starboard when he saw it; something moving on the surface far away.  

Something tasty this way comes...
"Creature ahoy!" he called down to his crew.  "Starboard, um, that way." And pointed toward the horizon.  The ship made it's way toward the object on the surface.  The Pirate R'Ollando wondered with anticipation what it could be.  Maybe a ship adrift full of cookies.  Maybe a small uncharted island with something buried in the sand.   Maybe it was s sea monster.  He shuddered with the thought.  There were no such things as sea monsters, right?   

As they approached, the thing on the surface disappeared in the foamy salt water.  The crew was puzzled.  Perhaps it was nothing, a trick of the light on the water.  They prepared to turn back when there was a shuddering through the ship as it was tossed on sudden waves.  

From the depths, rising higher than the mast of the Jolly Ollie the giant mythical ugly pepperoni pizza sea monster surfaced with a roar (which sounded more like a giant burp). 

What would our heroes do now?  Could they escape?  Could they tame the beast?  Did they find lunch or did lunch find them?  

The answers to those questions are the story for another day...

* If you liked this little tale there are plenty more on Ollie's site where the adventure and mischief continue...

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