Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hello, I'ts Me Again...

This is Ollie.  He likes balloons. And stuff... 

When a blogger returns to the blog after an extended absence they often start with illuminating the obvious, "I've been away from writing for a long time and now I'm back".  That's always bothered me.  You've been away because you have a life.  It's okay, we'll be here when you get back provided it's not so long as to have raised kids to college age.  


I've been away from the blog and now I'm back. 


I began my career as a championship race car driver, scaled the Andes,  cured hangnails, toured the world with my band, combed the beaches of Fiji and Bali, had a major art opening in Los Angeles and got a haircut.  

Or not.  

In truth, I have been writing.  I just finished the text and inked illustrations for my third picture book, Ollie Bug and the Night of the Marshmallow Pirates.  Now I'm onto the painting stage.  Ollie is a five-legged spider of action and adventure.  He a little boy who loves to play.  He's also my alter ego since he has the life I've always wanted.  I'm also told he looks a bit like me.  That part was unintentional.  

The process is a long one though probably not as long as crafting a full length novel (ONE DAY!!).   I do all the writing, drawing, inking and painting myself at the same desk I do all my blog posts, eBay browsing and impulse Amazon buying.  Vegetable spiralizer, anyone?  The desk is cluttered with coffee cups, paint brushes, scraps with sketches and paint water (which is often mistaken for coffee), various stuffed animals and action figures.  It's my Sanctum Imaginarium.   
Usually, I lay out the story boards, suck back a cup, draw studies of perspective and angles like a film director sets up  shots and do various color swatches to determine mood and whatnot.  It's a very long and tedious process which I love almost too much.  

The first two books, Ollie Bug and the Rainy Daydreamy Day and Ollie Bug and the Icky Sticky Thing From Space are finished and in art portfolios.  Sometimes I think of pursuing an agent and the traditional publishing route and other times I think of publishing electronically through Kindle.  Either way, I've learned from asking the right questions that it's better if you author a series vs. a one-shot.  There's more market potential, people like series books and it gives the author more content.  Call it another unintentional benefit.  Ollie has almost seventeen titles in the early development stages.  Now all I have to do is, ohhhh, everything.

Well, here I am again.  Along with the usual chaos I post like stories of driving cars that are actually on fire and getting chased by rolling barbecues, I'll also post about the writing process, in-progress work, useful links for pensmiths (since I know a lot of us) and other stuff.   

So what have you been up to?

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