Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Great Moonwater Brussels Revolt, an Ollie Bug Story

On this day in Moonwater Meadow History we commemorate the Great Moonwater Brussels Sprout revolt. 

No one was sure how it began or why the Brussels Sprouts wanted to revolt.  Some said it was because broccoli was getting preferential treatment.  Others said it was because the smell of boiled sprouts was revolting.  In any case, June 26th commemorates the Great Moonwater Brussels Sprout Revolt.  
Out in the barn which was out in the field, a harvested crop of sprouts plotted and planned their takeover from their hopper.  Under the light of the moon they jumped out of the wooden box and headed for the barn door.  No one was tall enough to reach the handle so they stood on each other and reached for it.  One good tug was all it took to send the sprouts rolling all over the dirt and hay of the barn floor.  

Brussels Sprouts aren't strong enough to open a barn door.  

Back to the hopper they went for more plotting and planning.  They thought of going to the loft and jumping out the window.  Up the ladder they climbed, pulling each other up by their little arms and legs.  At the top of the loft, they found the hatch, unlatched the lever and slid it open.  There they stood in a line waiting for someone to go first and jump to the hay bale below.  

Alas,  it was discovered Brussels Sprouts don't like heights.  

They climbed back down the ladder and stomped back to the wooden hopper in search of a new plan for Meadow take over.  

In the morning, after a night of failed schemes, one of which involved an attempt to hot wire a tractor, the old farmer came into the barn to start the chores and that's when the sprouts hatched a new plan. They jumped from the bin and tied the farmer to a support beam.  Being confused by a bunch of angry motivated Brussels Sprouts, the farmer didn't put up much resistance.  He did ask if the carrots knew about this.  

They decided to hold the farmer hostage until their demands were met.  The trouble was they had no demands and they didn't what to do with the farmer if said demands were not met.  So they played cards with the farmer who suggested that maybe they should demand  little hats so the sun wouldn't fry their little brains.  

And so it went, what started as a revolt for unknown reasons ended up as a score for the local hat maker who had to fashion dozens of little hats for a band of angry Moonwater Brussels Sprouts. 

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