Saturday, June 25, 2016

Why my sidekick is a little crazy spider...

 For most of my life I've wanted to tell stories.  Well, I've wanted to do lots of things like naked  skydiving into an open top dragster tooling through the Amazon but I never got those six pack abs. It's always come back to writing. 

I also wanted to get a degree in fine arts.  Always doodling with dreams of becoming a master painter.  I took up painting on my own later in life.  Now I can say my paintings are either hanging all over the country or have been thrown out by someone somewhere. 

The two worlds came together in the form of a character I created, Ollie Bug and his world.  Picture books were the natural result.  But why this?  I want to write deep complex novels. I never pictured myself as a children's picture book author.


Ollie and his world aren't solely for children. In fact, most of his fans are adults who have told me he appeals to their inner kid.  Even adults without kids love what he gets up to.  Maybe because he represents the childhood they miss or never had.  They say he's equal parts Winnie the Pooh, Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbs and Wile E. Coyote. Boom.  Exactly what I was going for. 


Adults don't read children's picture books and he's not exclusively for children so there's no real marketable category for Ollie.  When you create things for a living the questions comes up; who is your audience or target market?  Um, everyone?  That doesn't seem to be the right answer but it's the only one I've got. 

I don't have a real answer yet so I do what I do.  I write stories about the adventures of a child spider.  It's where my head and heart are.  His stories have themes of loneliness and friendship because when I was his age, I was lonely and wanted friends.  My early life was the chaos of divorced parents, moving around, instability and financial hardship.  Kids shouldn't have to feel that but they do.  I'm not unique or entitled.  I write about the life I wish I had and Ollie is the inner heart that beats within. 

I post his stuff on his site at and I'll post progress here as well.  If you're a Creative like me you may find the journey familiar.  If those themes resonate within you then Ollie may be your pal, too and you didn't even know it. 

And maybe we'll be successful and Ollie and I will finally get that Corvette he's been promising me....

Stick around, I made coffee.  And cake.     

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  1. I love seeing Ollie on instagram! I'm a horrible blogger friend...need to get on here more! Ok...headed over to your other blog for a good stalking. Oh, and I like chocolate cake and milk and a pound of sugar with my coffee :)