Friday, July 15, 2016

The Passionate Struggle For Love And Craft

Pollock cranking it out in his studio

From time to time I take a break from humor and five legged spiders to ponder on the creative process.  Being someone who creates art isn't as easy or as glamorous as it looks (though it is a lot of fun). 

I'd like to put forth the idea that art in any form is what makes life special.  If you'd care to disagree then think of life without music, books, movies, tv, photography, paintings, dance, theatre, etc.  Art gives the world character and beauty and substance. It is the respite sought by so many for more reasons than you can count. 

However, in this world the artist is not revered beyond celebrity. The process is not lauded nor is the artist beyond any glow we may see.  We are rarely given scholarships grants or venture capital to realize our dreams.  We must fight for them, often at the expense of ourselves. 

Creating is hard. Very hard. Succeeding is even harder.  This isn't an attention grab but artists do suffer in the process of creation.  We don't generate data on spreadsheets or clock in regular hours to complete a task set forth by someone else.  We pull things out of our hearts and put it in out there where people can experience it and be somehow touched by it.  For this effort most of us will go unrecognized and unrewarded.  We will be judged and even humiliated by those above or around us.  Sometimes it's painful.  Some of us will quit and join the regular grind because we're tired of hurting or starving for what we love. 

Quitting isn't the answer because we weren't handed this life nor was it forced upon us.  This was given to us at birth.  It's our gift to ourselves, to each other and to the world.  To us there is no choice.  This is what we were put here to do. It's our chance to make a difference.  We simply must create because anything else would mean the death of the soul. 

So what about those times where you're taxed to the edge of your sanity?  What do you do when you question your life, your project and your decisions?  What does it take to rise above those times you want to quit?  

It takes every ounce of strength and power you have.  It takes tenacity, discipline, focus, determination, repetition and a fierce belief that you can and will do whatever it takes to keep your passion.   It also helps, if you're sucking fumes to remember where you are now.  If you don't try with everything you have you will always be where you are now.  If you're nowhere, that's where you'll always be.  If you're almost there, you'll forever be looking up at the top rung wondering what would have happened if you stuck to it.  . 

When you get there, if you should "make it", never think you can rest easy because without the constant application of drive and passion you will end up back where you started and you will be unfulfilled and defeated.  That's not you.  Remember where you came from, remember the painful process of learning and perfecting your craft.  And remember, no matter what you create there's someone out there who loves what you do.   Let it light your way in dark times.  There will be people who give up on you, don't believe in you or treat your calling as a hobby.  Smile and thank them for the inspiration.  

The key to success is that there is no key. 

Just you and the work. 

If your creative output is the one thing you do that sets you apart and makes you the amazing bright light that you are, remember that no one else can do it the way you can.  It's all you ever were, all you'll ever be.  Fight for it even when you think you can't. 

If you don't, where would the world be without you?

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  1. You're truly an inspiring person. I'm about as creative as a rock, but i definitely take to heart your message to NEVER GIVE UP. 💙