Wednesday, February 1, 2017

From The Adventure Journal of Ollie Bug, Spider of Adventure: Happy February, pals!

Today we have a story for you that can be found on your calendar.  If you don't have a calendar, that's okay, we posted the image here for you to see with the story.  However, if you do want a 2017 Ollie Bug Adventure Wall calendar, you can get one here on special clearance:  Ollie 2017 Adventure Calendar.

It was one of those problems that only gets worse the more you try to fix it.  The Altitudinal Rotator on the Moonwater Observatory Giant Telescope needed replacing because, well, tacos and science don't mix.  Someone, we won't mention who (Ticklebit) was showing off by juggling three tacos and a burrito when he spilled enchilada sauce all over the console and blew the rotator.  Now the telescope is stuck in one position.  This is a big problem because in two weeks, over Valentine's weekend, the Kirkenspock Meteor Shower will be visible over the meadow for the first time in 20 years.  Naturally, Ollie wanted to see and capture this rare and beautiful phenomenon.

Ollie and his team had just two weeks to fix the telescope.  

Artemouse, knowing what happens when they attempt to fix things themselves, suggested ordering a new one from Scopes-N-Such but there was no money in the budget.  That's what regular taco parties do to a budget.    Ollie figured he could easily fix it in the time he had left.  The first attempt involved some old chewing gum and a wooden gear set he got from a cuckoo clock.  That ate up most of the week cleaning gum and splintered wood out of the complicated mechanism.  

Undefeated, Ollie dug out the manual and took the mechanism apart.  That project came to an abrupt halt when, upon removing the access panel, a number of springs and screws escaped with the force of a herd of charging elephants.  

That left only one week to repair the telescope or he'd miss the Kirkenspock shower.  No pictures and no new exhibits for the observatory.  

Just then,  Bearly There Bear arrived with news that the one hundred lip balms that he was told to order had arrived.  Ollie didn't remember ordering lip balm when it struck him that he trusted Bearly There Bear's barely there brain.  Ollie wanted one hundred bath bombs, not one hundred lip balms for the upcoming Annual Moonwater Giant Fizzy Bubble Bath Party.  Now he had another dilemma, no bath bombs, too many lip balms and a telescope that didn't work.  

Ticklebit suggested a lip balm party but who ever heard of a lip balm party?  

Spoon and Artemouse were already planning a Valentine's Day Observatory Buffet Dinner and Dance when Clownley Bear suggested a Smooch Booth outside where visitors could buy a lip balm, hot chocolate and a smooch from one of the members of the observatory.  Who would be the volunteer?  Everyone looked around at each other....  

And that's how it came to be that Ollie sat in the Smooch Booth, sold lots of lip balm, lots of hot chocolate and lots of smooches.  That's also how Moonwater Observatory got its brand new Altitudinal Rotator in time to capture the beauty of the of the Kirknspock Meteor Shower.  

If only Ollie remembered to keep one of those lip balms for himself....

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